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Warmly greetings from Turkmenistan - Independent and Neutral country in Central Asia...
“Turkmensiyakhat” Tourist Company, one of the first leading incoming and outgoing tour operators in Turkmenistan and have 20 years of experience making organization of tours in all regions of Turkmenistan and other top destinations in the world.
“Turkmensiyakhat” established, with our mission to promote Turkmenistan and to show the world our pride – our beautiful nature, heritages, people, culture, local cuisine and many more.
Turkmenistan is a cradle of world civilizations and ancient culture, which has a history of more than 5 thousand years. There are many unique historical and architectural monuments of ancient time such as Abiverd, Dehistan, Nissa – the residence of Parthian Kingdom, Merv - abode of Kings, Kunya Urgench - the capital of ancient Horezm, some of which are listed as a World Heritage Site and are considered the property of the treasury of world culture and civilization.
Turkmenistan has historically become the central point of the Great Silk Road, which linked the civilizations of the East and West, Asia and Europe, has become through dialogue creation and harmonious interaction between the world’s cultures.
We are interested in establishing and developing of long-term cooperation with Outgoing Tour Operators and Travel Agents in your market and invites them to bilateral interaction in the field of tourism.
For the purpose of a mutual cooperation with you, we have honour to invite you to our information-touristic tours for visiting historical-archaeological and picturesque places of Turkmenistan.
During tours you can visit unforgettable historical-archaeological monuments and natural landscapes of Turkmenistan, plunge into the world unique spiritually-cultural heritage, get acquainted with architectural sights, with original national traditions and customs, paradise Ahalteke horses and racers, beautiful handmade Turkmen carpets, wonderful national clothes, colorful jewelry, fascinating dances enjoying the hospitality of Turkmen people.


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